Pallets & Custom Pallets​

Custom engineered for your application!

At Pallet Service, we specialize in building the pallet that meets your needs. We can custom engineer new pallets for any application, and we also keep common sizes in stock on the ground, ready to ship. From small, custom production runs to full truckloads, we always strive to do best by each customer, so we’ll work with you to decide if new or recycled pallets are the right fit.

• Machine manufactured for new stringer pallet types

• New Block pallet types

• Machine manufactured for consistent quality & Heavy Duty Fasteners

• New custom hand made for smaller quantities and International special design programs

• IPPC ISPM-15 heat treatment (HT)

Whatever your custom pallet needs are, Pallet Service has the expertise to design and build your pallets to fit your need. Whether you need just a few or a large volume, let our design experts put together a program that works for you. We can efficiently design and manufacture, from very small to extremely large pallets and crates. We’ve been doing this successfully for our customers for almost fifty years. We utilize the Pallet Design System to take the guesswork out of pallet design and we are more than happy to provide samples when needed. We are committed to delivering the highest quality Pallets & Skids at the most cost-competitive pricing available for its customers. That process starts with consolidating responsibility for all elements of our value chain in-house, within our three manufacturing operations. As a key component of our customer-focused packaging solutions, the AV PACK team works collaboratively with our customers to cost-optimize, design, build, and ship Pallets & Skids that consistently perform as required – trip after trip – to safely carry your products to their destinations through demanding distribution environments and supply chains.