Wooden Crates & Boxes

Let us custom design your specialty shipping containers. From foam inserts, large or small sizes, domestic or international shipments, we have the resources to meet all of your wood packaging needs. For companies that need to move their products safely and meet specification standards, AV PACK can build any type of crate, for any type of product, for any type of customer. Whether an off-the-shelf or custom solution we are able to quickly meet all of your crating requirements. For standard crates, we can manage orders of any size, at any time. For custom solutions, you tell us the size of platform, type of functionality and weight capacity specifications and we produce the exact crating solution you require. If your crating needs go beyond that of shipping and storage, we can help you the development of a solution that fits your needs and making those ideas into a high quality product.

  •    ISPM 15 Certified Wood Boxes and Crates

  •    Compartmental Wood Boxes

  •    Multiple Shipment Wood Boxes

  •    Trade Show Crates / Exhibit Crates

  •    Heavy Weight Wood Boxes

  •    End Caps and Tops

  •    Cleated Plywood Boxes